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Here’s what some of Sandra’s recent readers are saying about her REAL. RAW. RELATABLE. book:

“This open and honest diary not only delves into what it means to live the daily conscious parent life, but also how to continue one’s daily work and growth. I loved reading this book. Sandra Fazio’s practice inspires readers to stay focused and dedicated to creating deep connections with their children. I especially enjoyed this book as it is relatable and easy to understand. She provides real life examples of her growth with conscious parenting and her family. GREAT READ!” — Carmella

“Sandra Fazio’s willingness to share her vulnerabilities in such an honest and heartfelt manner has been so helpful to me as a parent not feel isolated in navigating my own unconscious stumbling blocks. Reading her challenges and lessons learned during these early years as a parent, opens the door to authenticity and connection with Sandra. Her passion, commitment and leadership in the Conscious Parenting movement is remarkable and inspiring. I enthusiastically recommend Sandra’s book to anyone wanting to learn more about Conscious Parenting and to have an approachable, relatable guide, whether it be this book or Sandra herself at your fingertips.” -– Mary

“I loved this book! I read it in a few short days and reveled in Sandra’s honest account of what it means to be a conscious parent. Sandra’s authentic and vulnerable shares allowed me to recall my life as a parent with compassion. I felt comforted, inspired and energized by her words and appreciated pondering her questions at the end of each chapter . Thank you, Sandra, for offering such passionate insight to parents!” -– A. Folz

“As a parent who has raised children in my 20s, 30s, 40s and still going, I have been on the constant quest to find a better way to have a relationship with my children. With the opportunity to “do things different” this time around, I have been discovering new ways to communicate with myself, my partner and my child. Sandra Fazio’s personal story was such a great read of how she has incorporated these practices into her own personal life. I appreciated how she was able to communicate to us, the reader, how to use these skills and examples of what was working and not working. Thank you for the opportunity to read this fabulous e-book!” -– Debbie D.

“Although my personal journey is different than Sandra’s, I had no trouble relating to her progression towards consciousness which takes place in well thought out, poignant journal entries. It’s an easy read, jam packed with valuable insight about becoming a more awake, present parent. I would highly recommend the book and Sandra’s parent coaching services as well!” -– Kimberly

“Sandra Fazio’s diary e book was very enjoyable and something I appreciate as a mother but also as a woman in the world. She provides some beautiful tools to use in real life (“I’m Patient” is one of my favorites) but also parent coaching questions to help me dive deep and look within at what my own needs are, why I’m behaving a certain way, and then how I can use this self-examination to transform my parenting with my daughter and just choose love. Sandra’s book serves me as an eye-opener, a mirror reflection, a friend, and a tool. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!” -– Dawna Matthews

“Thank you, Sandra Fazio for the opportunity to read your work!! Your insights and wisdom left me feeling so much relief that I am not alone on this (often very challenging) quest to find true, meaningful, conscious connection with my children! It was such a relatable read! I highly recommend Sandra’s book to anyone seeking this connection! Thank you, Sandra!” -– Amazon Customer

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