The Universe Speaks In Volumes

The Universe Speaks In Volumes

The Universe Speaks In Volumes

I am in awe of how The Universe continues to bring individuals into my life that light me up, fill my cup, give me inspiration, show me what I need to hear (right at that very moment), provide me opportunities to grow my areas of vulnerability, put me in positions where I need to reach deeper inside to find my courage and how every day, I am feeding my conscious parenting mindset through all that my daughter is reflecting back to me as a means to how I still need to grow.

This blogging journey alone has enabled me to cross paths with some remarkable individuals through this personal page – where I am creating new found relationships with like-minded individuals – more than I could have ever expected. One more reason (lesson) to teach me that when I let go of my expectations, I make room for what is meant to come into my life.

So within the past week, the following “events” have occurred that were not on my “to do” list per se yet so many lessons that I have taken from each of them:

1. EVENT: Last Wednesday, my daughter came home from Preschool with a blood shot red eye. First time ever and wasn’t quite sure if it was do to irritation from the windy day so waited to see how it looked the next morning. It was not any better so pulled her from school the next two days and took her to the pediatricians office. Found out it was pink eye, coupled with an ear infection (that we didn’t even know about) – as my daughter just had one 3 weeks prior on a family vacation over the holidays and thought it had cleared. Working from home with a sick child is never an easy task. Attending to her first and giving all my TLC, I still found it to be a bit challenging at times with balancing my work day.

LESSON: No matter how well I have it all “planned” out, each day truly arises with its own plans for me to be present and emerge into with grace and ease and to accept myself for all my best efforts. Even with staying very conscious to how I was showing up and attending to my child’s needs, I know I did my best and I learned that I cannot add guilt to my plate for those moments that I fell short with my frustrations. It’s just another opportunity to stay present with my own emotions, being and breath.

2. EVENT: My daughter had a 45-minute tantrum last Friday (which has not happened in a long time). It was on the heels of not feeling well (which I was very aware) and was over her fixation on a specific toy she wanted. Even though I remained calm, collective and rational with her – letting her know we couldn’t get it tonight but possibly tomorrow – that didn’t resolve the matter and only (oddly) made it worse. Bottom line, after many efforts in reasoning with her, walking away, giving her choices, giving her water, helping her breath and ultimately telling her we are now not going to get the toy tomorrow (oops)… I was finally able to get her to settle down by staying as consistent and steady as possible yet firm, read her a book on my lap, tucked her in bed, sang another song, told her I love her and to now honor herself, thoughts and sleep and make magical dreams. She was asleep within minutes.

LESSON: Mommy talked way too much, mommy tried to reason way too much, mommy exasperated the matter by being too rational instead of understanding her “need” for comfort through this particular toy. Mommy wasn’t even talking to her daughter but rather to “the tantrum”.

3. EVENT: Received a call from a local TV station to take part in a parenting story (first time and very excited). Initially my “lacking” said “I’m not ready”, I have to do X and Y … but my greater sense of Self said “you are ready, you are not perfect so don’t try to be, the Universe is bringing this to you now so this is the now that matters most.”

LESSON: Keep an open heart and mind, trust The Universe brings you what you are ready for when you are ready to receive it … and so today is the big day (I’m ready!)

4. EVENT: On Sunday, I attended a coaching conversations event (invited through a good friend) and arrived open, present and willing to see where the “conversation” would go. I let go of my expectations and just allowed the dialogue to flow and bring forth my ability to share my experiences, teachings, authenticity and vulnerability. So freeing and liberating!

LESSON: You never know who you are going to meet at any one point in your life. At this particular event, I met a wonderful lady, who “just so happened” (I believe The Universe knew this already) to be in attendance and had the same similar personal sharing about her own parents and the struggles she was contending with .. very similar to what I have been evolving through with my own parents. I was able to share my own insights, compassion and heartfelt thoughts / support and when we left, she said how much she appreciated my contribution and how it help to create a new shift in thought for her. I learned that when I “let go” of what I think I need to do or say and just be who I know I am … I am most at home and others feel it too.

How do you see The Universe working on your behalf to help you grow and learn through the “events” in your life?


  • Sheryl Samuels Greenfield
    January 25, 2015 10:32 pm 0Likes

    Sandra. you are so amazingly awesome authentic, courageous compassionate and really articulate…Blogging for the The Conscious Parent is so in alignment with your souls purpose!!! you also just blow me away because about a half hour ago I was thinking exactly what you wrote in your first paragraph ..that the universe absolutely brings you the most perfect people at the right time and you Sandra are one of those people for me..Grateful for all that you do !!!

  • Carrie Anne Killeen
    January 25, 2015 10:33 pm 0Likes

    You are supported because you are open and present!!! Yeah!

  • Erin Taylor
    January 25, 2015 10:34 pm 0Likes

    Hi Sandra. In regards to events 3 and 4, that is fabulous! I can’t wait to hear all about it! In regards to event 2, I know you already know this, but when you listen to the teleclass from today, you will see that Dr. Shefali addresses this very topic. When our children are struggling, how quickly we rush to the “doing” (i.e., trying to fix the situation) and do not spend enough time in the “being” – allowing them to feel their feelings until their feeling selves are satiated. It was brilliant and I know you will love it.

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