Love Wave Live
Featured Speaker: Sandra Fazio

May 2019

Sandra Fazio is a Conscious Parent and Life Coach who embodies the love of the Inner Child. Experience Sandra be real, raw and relatable as she delivers a moving talk that will be have both resonance and relevance for all. For more information about The Love Wave visit www.lovewavelive.com.


Evolve 2016
with Guest Speaker Sandra Fazio

October 2016

Sandra was a guest speaker at Evolve 2016, a weekend with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Oprah’s Parenting Expert. This 3-day summit brings together parents, therapists and transformational agents for a weekend of growth, sharing and learning. Led by Dr. Shefali, the path is paved to enter a heightened state of awareness and insight that leads to a greater sense of self, empowerment and clarity.