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Sandra brings a very casual and conversational-style approach in her coaching sessions. She integrates the over-arching consciousness / conscious parenting teachings of which she has been taught directly from Dr. Shefali (both personally and professionally) and infuses her own style, wisdom and down-to-earth approach in the time she shares with her clients. She doesn’t hesitate to offer her own struggles, making her very relatable to her clients, and sharing practical solutions that she has found to be beneficial on her unfolding (personal and parental) path to consciousness.

Through her thought-provoking questions, Sandra helps her clients notice patterns and themes around the unfolding of their childhood and/or conditioned belief systems to that of their present-day “matters of the heart” within themselves and family dynamic. While holding a safe and non-judgmental space so they can share vulnerably, Sandra invites her clients to lean into the discomfort that has been suppressing their inner voice / truth so they can truly experience liberation and self-growth on the other end.

Sandra keenly listens to what she “hears” her clients saying – which is often different from “the story” they are telling themselves – and helps her clients to deconstruct the surface issues, getting them to the root issue so they can first nurture their own inner child, which in turn builds upon a deeper relationship with their own children. Sandra empowers her clients to take ownership of how they are showing up in their own life and invites them to redesign the parts of their life that leads to more abundance, acceptance and awareness.

Needs / Areas Of Parenting Struggles:

Tantrums / Emotional Meltdowns
Triggers / Frustrations
Special Needs Children (Emotional / Social Challenges)
Spouse / Partnership Conflict
Time Management / Household Organization
Bedtime / Sleep Struggles
Setting Boundaries and Limits
Strengthening Family Connection
Tween / Teen Years
Food Struggles
School Resistance

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