Our Children Are Watching Us

Our Children Are Watching Us

Our Children Are Watching Us

As we continue to trust and embody the work of conscious parenting ourselves (no matter how uncomfortable, difficult, challenging) it can be at times – that is actually a good thing – which means we are awakening our minds and shifting into new thought patterns – our children will begin to feel our new energetic vibe and start to mirror back to us in ways to keep us on track and accountable to doing the work.

What I have been doing for some time and have found it so helpful is, I use the the conscious words like “boundaries” and “natural consequences” with my 4-year old so fluidly that it’s just part of our natural language. I tell her when I am not being conscious or present and demonstrate through my own being how that looks so when I need to explain that to her that others are not being conscious it helps to expand her understanding and awareness resulting in more attunement and connection within herself.

As parents we are planting seeds by the moment with our children (they are so incredibly wise, sponge-like and they yearn for us to show up fully and authentically) so they can balance their own sense of emotions and feel okay with the process of their own growth. It’s not about waiting until we “get it” or “get it right” in our own intellectual minds, we have to put out the energy and let our children know we are not perfect, we are ever-evolving and growing and we understanding the process of change requires us to be self-accepting of our own mishaps.

Communication is vital in so many ways and I find especially when we are exploring new territory (such as conscious parenting). Our children are watching us and learning how we navigate through the unfamiliar terrain. Let them know we fall down too and how it looks to pick ourselves up and move forward. I believe we are so much more relating to our children when they see us as true human beings who are learning and growing and not coming from a place that we have it all together.

Acknowledging our lack and letting them know the possibilities of abundance that lies within (the innate power) we all have access to we just need to listen, be still, trust and be guided through the signs the Universe gives us to awaken our inner power.

What areas of your own growth are you communicating to your children and empowering each other?

How are you showing your children that you are imperfect yet willing to do the work it takes to become more conscious and aware of your own unmet needs and inner-child lacking?

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