On Parenting: A True Labor of Love

On Parenting: A True Labor of Love

On Parenting: A True Labor of Love

It’s LABOR DAY (here in America) – a long, extended holiday weekend for most, an opportunity for over-time pay for others and a time to do some house-cleaning in preparation for the fall season.

A time to pay respects for all the hard workers trying to earn a living and a time for some down-to-earth fun with our families. However you choose to celebrate your holiday, I wanted to take the opportunity to send out some positive light and energy, reminding ourselves that being a parent (in any form) is the greatest “labor of all” to be done in our lifetime and is a constant journey and LABOR OF LOVE.

So take a moment (or two) throughout this present day (and each day for that matter) to take a deep sigh, close your eyes, allow your heart to smile and recognize the labor of your love through all that surrounds you with your children. Even in those areas that may not seem so apparent or have been a lot harder than you ever imagined possible, the LOVE is there if you just look for it, receive it with an abundant, open and vulnerable heart.

The power and innate capacity of a parent’s LOVE for and through our children is one that carries us forward, gives us stronger purpose and meaning, makes us better people, awakens our fears, calls attention to our egos, builds inner strength, develops our undeveloped selves, brings us to our knees, leads us stronger in our faith, taps into our true essence, takes us back to our roots, brings out the “child-fun” in us, shares in laughter and tears and raises us to our highest being. It is with this LABOR OF LOVE that our children are called into our lives.

Dr. Shefali shares from her book, The Conscious Parent, “No one tells us that the love between a parent and child has the potential to tear open our heart, leaving us at the mercy of the destiny of our children. No one explains that if we are going to parent consciously, life as we know it will no longer exist, and the individual we believe ourselves to be will evaporate before our eyes. No one tells us we will have to endure the death of our old self and that we will have no clue how to develop a new sense of who we are. Parenting is one of the most difficult endeavors a person ever takes on.”

….AND with that said, I wouldn’t change a thing, no matter how hard at times parenting can be, the good always outweighs the challenges and the LOVE I receive in return is worth all the labor in the world.


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