Money has many different connotations …

Money has many different connotations …

Money has many different connotations …

The word and meaning of money has many different connotations depending on your viewpoint. I believe that as a culture we have been conditioned to see money as powerful, successful, worthiness, etc. We are a highly conditioned society where we believe that if one has money, then they must be more knowing, more smart and more, more, more.

And yet we can see just by glancing at the covers of magazines on any newsstands, that money has come between relationships, torn apart families, created more greed than gratitude, caused drug addictions, severed business partnerships, added greater divide and corruption in politics – you name it and money has been at the root of many issues.

On the flip side, money has helped to create more opportunities for people to thrive, has saved lives through generous donations from others, has built incredible infrastructures for us to transport goods and services, has been an commodity we need to survive.

Ultimately, there is no right, wrong, bad or good. Merely the way in which we individually and collectively view our association to money and our part in helping to create more “better than worse” with it in our world.

I find it interesting that for those who have an abundance of money, they may still feel limited in their freedom because no matter how much they have they are not free within themselves to allow the abundance to flow. And for others who struggle financially, they feel rich within themselves therefore allowing their spirit to exude freedom in ways money can never buy.

Money to some means the ability to acquire material things to fill that void within of feeling enough and worthy. While for others it means having more time to create and prosper in other ways to fulfill one’s soul’s desires.

Personally, there was a time (not too long ago) when I was making a healthy salary in a career that I liked but did not love. Even at my top income, I was not fulfilled and knew that no matter how much I earned, that-that career was not going to create the sense of freedom I desired. Had it served me on many levels, yes of course, yet my need for more (outside of the financial sense) far exceeded the idea or comfort of the money I had been making at that time.

Yet I have also experienced first-hand that when I let go of the idea of “money” The Universe continues to provide in abundant ways even if the “money” is not physically there. This doesn’t mean I haven’t battled within myself around my attachment / need / self-worth value of it because I have and do from time to time. That is a part of human nature / conditioned beliefs that I find I am constantly evolving through.

It’s all a difference of perspective based on how each one of us was raised, our belief systems around money and even (on a deeper spiritual level) our past lives experiences around money and the healing of it in this lifetime.

How does this resonate for you?

Inspirations - Money has many different connotations ...

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