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By nature, we all have the answers within however more often than not it just requires us to get out of our own way and comfort zone. When we have someone (outside of our inner circles) to cheer us on as we beat ourselves down, someone who asks the hard questions we are afraid to ask them to ourselves in fear of what we may hear, someone who encourages us harder than we are willing to motivate ourselves (making all kinds of “why it’s not possible” excuses), and someone to hold us accountable, are we then more likely to accept the invitation and embrace the empowerment for self-growth.

Sandra provides value to her clients by teaching them how to tap into their true essence / being and helping them to bring out all the answers that already lie within. Creating an open heart space and mindful methods, she has manifested many of these life-changing practices within her own life too. She is a coach that delicately yet firmly guides her clients through their own personal journey and self-discoveries, so they can create a shift in feelings to thoughts within their true essence, ultimately leading into affirmative action. Sandra believes change can only start first with us and we cannot ask of others what we are not willing to fully embody ourselves.

Needs / Areas Of Personal Struggles:

Work / Career Decisions
Time Management / Organization
Money / Finances
Healing Childhood Wounds
Conditioned Belief Systems
Triggers / Frustrations
Marriage / Divorce / Relationships
Work Environment Struggles
Self-Esteem / Self-Worth
Body Image
Food Struggles

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