The Depths of Motherhood (Poem; Wrapped Canvas; 20” x 24”)


A beautiful poem, written by Sandra Fazio, about “The Depths of Motherhood”.

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A beautiful poem, written by Sandra Fazio, about “The Depths of Motherhood”.




— 1 ¼” depth
— Supported canvas face to prevent sagging and stretching
— Fully finished back with pre-installed hinged hanging hardware
— UV coating protects against fading and scratching
— Ships in 5-7 business days



No one tells her the depths she will go
Before bearing her child, she will need to bare her soul
To no one else, other than herself

She had dreamed of motherhood so innocently and pure
Little did she know the pain she would endure
Not just from labor or the emotional rush
Rather from all inner feelings in which she’d lost touch

Of that little lost girl who had been waiting years inside
Begging to ask questions and no longer willing to hide
“Before you bear this new child,” she pleads
“Allow me this opportunity to be heard and seen”

“I am you and you are me”
“I am here to set you free”
“So when your child comes from the heavens above”
“You are whole, abundant and ready to love”

“See, I need you to understand all of your inner broken parts”
“So you are no longer disconnected from your own sacred heart”
“It’s time to awaken all of your deepest fears”
“No longer can they stay suppressed for any more years”

Motherhood is more than raising of the child
It’s a calling from The Universe for you to fully rise
There will inevitably be bumps and rough turns along the way
But your inner compass will never lead you astray

Your child choose you many years ago
And waited to descend into your arms until you were ready to let go
Only then could he or she show, where you have yet to grow

So when your child is crying, screaming and throwing a fit
Will you then know how to handle and accept it
From a place of peace, understanding and compassion
That you were once that same child needing attention

As much as you feel you have to teach
Don’t overextend or over preach
For the little soul with whom you hold
Is here to teach you more than you know

Motherhood is more about mutual growth
Between child and mother and the union of souls


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