It’s Time to Disconnect From the Doing and Connect to Our Being

It’s Time to Disconnect From the Doing and Connect to Our Being

It’s Time to Disconnect From the Doing and Connect to Our Being

Whether it is getting our children ready for school, deciding what to plan for dinner, seeing the stack of bills / mail pile up, running an errand, working full-time, getting stuck in traffic, playing with our kids, giving our partner/spouse our loving attention, making a follow-up phone call, planning a night out with friends, hosting a family gathering, taking a trip, doing the laundry, reading a book, getting caught up on emails, organizing our piles, getting our car washed, going to a doctor appointment, you name it – there never seems to be enough time in the day “to do” it all.

All of these things (and more) seem to take up much of our day, our time, our energy. Add this to an already fast-paced society, we are terribly conditioned to go all day long, to keep up with everyone and their needs, to pull it all together while still overextending ourselves to “do more” than we are capable.

But here’s the reality: we only keep doing what keeps serving us (our needs) and makes us feel worthy, good, important. There is always a payoff to why we do what we do – over-pleasing, feeling loved and needed, caring what others think, avoiding conflict and drama, keeping up with what we feel is expected of us, living in denial of what truly is, striving for what we have defined as success, desiring acceptance, seeking control, and filling an empty void within through external validation.

Consciously, we may not realize these reasons for our actions and we mean well in doing what we do. However, we are in such an automatic mode (conditioned by our cultural, our past, our self-beliefs) that we are not used our time effectively to attune to our being.

It’s time to SLOW DOWN. It’s time to SHIFT our thoughts and energies. It’s time to DISCONNECT from the doing and CONNECT to our being.

So how do we begin to shift our awareness and start to see what our driving force really is?

We OWN our part in all that is being reflected back to us. We stop pointing the finger elsewhere and start looking inward for those answers (that are there) and awaiting to be heard. We ask some being-based questions surrounding our involved actions (fill in the blanks) and take full accountability for the choices in which we make.

1. What are my intentions when I say yes to ______?
2. Is my choice to ______ authentically serving my inner being?
3. Am I emotionally attached to the outcome / results around ______?
4. How am I showing up in this moment when I _______ ?
5. What are my expectations of others when I _____?
6. Am I seeking to fill an inner void by doing _____?
7. What fears do I have around _______?
8. How do I feel when I ______?

Change isn’t meant to be easy. It’s meant to help us grow. Let’s learn together to BE more and DO less.

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