Heart of the Matter
Interview with Sandra Fazio and David Richards

April 7, 2020

Sandra Fazio was invited to a very soulful conversation with David K. Richards, who is a coach, leader, founder of Growth Public Schools and Heart of the Matter – which he recently founded in response to the process of birthing the New Earth. Sandra touched upon her journey to-date and passionately integrates her insights and experience with Human Design as well as within her guiding practice work with others and helping to re-empower them back into the truth of their soul. Sandra also shared with David how Human Design (in addition to Conscious Parenting) has helped her to navigate a deeper connection as a parent with her daughter in the handful of years she has been embodying both gifts.


The Inspired Change Summit
Featured Speaker: Sandra Fazio

March 19, 2020

After feeling so inspired by seeing Dr. Shefali on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, about her book The Conscious Parent, Sandra took that as a sign to learn more and run with it!

Sandra has been on a journey to learn how to be a better parent, which led to working on herself, and some great discoveries along the way.

Watch the Sandra’s interview with Jeremy Anderson of The Inspired Change Summit.


The Butterfly Effect
Featured Speaker: Sandra Fazio

March 7, 2020

In this interview with Karissa Thompson, Sandra Fazio shares her heart on — Healing through motherhood; Conscious parenting and parenting your own inner child; Human Design (and the science and esoteric factors behind it); Finding out your gifts and your calling in this world; Live Your Greatest Highest Purpose; De-conditioning out of the “NOT SELF”; We are all in this together; “Permission to Feel” – how Sandra channeled her book of poems and a reading from her creation.


Making Light of Motherhood
Featured Speaker: Sandra Fazio

February 16, 2020

This was a FREE Live Stream event that Sandra was invited to be a part of and that brings together a panel of six global mom coaches, authors, and speakers who are on a mission to raise the vibration of motherhood into more LIGHT. All the speakers have been hand-picked to share wisdom, tools and off-the-charts expertise with a unified vision of a modernized approach to motherhood, making life easier for moms and kids. Sandra’s conversation touched upon how to embrace who you really are and connect with your kids through conscious parenting and Human Design. You can watch the online summit in its entirety and / or if you wish to hear Sandra’s portion only you can start at the: 20:56 mark (through 45:37).


with Sandra Fazio

January 9, 2019

#BEYOUROWN helps to empower and support all women that are passionate about changing lives. Worldwide leading ladies use the #BEYOUROWN platform to tell their stories, offer advice, and share their knowledge. BEYOUROWN’s rapid growth & evolution is down to continuously delivering a fresh perspective from a wide community of the most affluential, influential, and entrepreneurial game-changing women of today.


The Revolutionary Parenting Show
Discover the Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Greatest Potentials

December 2018

Sandra had the honor to be one of 21 leading change agents on The Revolutionary Parenting Show where REAL, straight from the heart, and to the point CONVERSATIONS were shared with the host / founder Holly Yarbrough. Take a listen to receive the strategies, tips, and expert advice you can use right away to begin to see major shifts in your life and in the life of your child.


Meets Sandra Fazio

September 5, 2018

#BEYOUROWN helps to empower and support all women that are passionate about changing lives. Worldwide leading ladies use the #BEYOUROWN platform to tell their stories, offer advice, and share their knowledge. BEYOUROWN’s rapid growth & evolution is down to continuously delivering a fresh perspective from a wide community of the most affluential, influential, and entrepreneurial game-changing women of today.


The Family Couch
Conscious Parenting with a Child with Special Needs

April 2018

In this episode of The Family Couch, we talk with Sandra Fazio about how to be a conscious parent when you have a child with special needs. We dive right in and discuss how Fazio defines conscious parenting. She feels that everyone has their own personal take on it. Fazio provides that the work of Dr. Shefali Tsabary is what inspired to embark on the journey of conscious parenting. Fazio defines that conscious parenting involves going within yourself and nurturing the needs of your own inner child. The child within is is diving, whole, worthy and full of limitless connection to the universe.


Using Conscious Parenting to Change Your Relationship with Your Children
with Robbin Rockett, Psy D., owner of SoloParentLife

March 29, 2018

Today’s interview with Sandra Fazio is personally so wonderful for me. Sandra not only teaches parents how to begin bringing the principles of Conscious Parenting into their homes, but she also loves it out with her own daughter. Sandra, like many parents, thought she had everything planned out to perfection. As we all learn once we become parents, children rarely align with even the best-laid plans. Sandra found it difficult to relate to or discipline her daughter, and so she turned to Conscious Parenting to end some of the strife in her home. What she unlocked was a whole new way of not just thinking about her child, but about herself too.


The Parenting Junkie
PresentPlay with Sandra Fazio

November 2017

Present Play is dedicated to helping you find presence through increasing your child’s independent, immersive, imaginary play. It’s about reclaiming that restorative play that protects childhood, and about making time and space for you to thrive as a parent. Through Present Play you’ll learn how to declutter, increase your child’s playtime dramatically and reduce the family’s stress in ways you might never have imagined.


Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess
with Meredith Volker

September 11, 2017

“I love Sandra’s’ vulnerability, rawness and unapologetic self she brings to the world in our girlfriend chat. She brings the idea of consciousness to the forefront as a means to heal and transform yourself first resulting in being a conscious woman and parent.” – Meredith Volker

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and join us in our conversation too!


Authentic Moments with Anna Seewald
Let Go, Let Be & Let In: The Truths About The Journey of Conscious Parenting

May 18, 2017

Here is what Anna Seewald had to say about our time together … “Motherhood was the catalyst for today’s guest to grow and transform in ways she never expected. The powerful lessons she has come learn on the path of conscious parenting are still unfolding. With eyes wide open, awakened heart, compassion and trust, she has come to let go, let be and let in … raw, authentic and moving. Grab your headphones and take a listen as Sandra Fazio shares her beautiful story to inspire change in you.”

Happily Family Online Conference
The Heart and Science of Parenting

May 8th, 2017

Sandra was invited to take part in the Happily Family Online Conference: The Heart and Science of Parenting, alongside Happily Family Conference and 24 wonderful leading experts in consciousness and mindful parenting – including some of her favorites: Dr. Dan Siegel, Michelle Gale, Cathy Cassani Adams, Todd Adams, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham, Jeanne-Marie Paynel, Lori Petro and so many more!


Full Potential Parenting Show with Alison Morris
Deconstructing Conscious Parenting

April 26, 2017

Sandra had the recent pleasure to connect with Alison Morris, of Full Potential Parenting, and in her interview she discussed why presence and awareness, along with boundaries and connection, are so key to allowing your child to be the teacher you need, and why the standard authoritative, control-based parenting paradigm deprives both you and your child of spiritual growth.

The Conscious Living Podcast with Natasha Grey and Sandra Fazio
Conscious Parenting

March 27, 2017

In this episode, you will learn about: What Conscious Parenting is and why it may be different from how you were parented; How to be more conscious with your children; Why it’s important to look inward and self-reflect; What to do in the moment when your child is having a tantrum; How to deepen your connection with your children (and yourself); How self-awareness can serve your children.

Mom Is In Control
Beliefs Of Successful Women (Sandra Fazio Interviews Heather Chauvin)

March 1, 2017

In this interview: Reframing negative thoughts, defining your own success, accepting good enough, don’t make space for guilt, prioritizing life over laundry, willing to help out when needed but never at the determent of what matters most, pacing yourself, don’t complain, don’t judge other women, leading from where they are by taking action (practice what they preach), practicing balance (alignment), and challenging what’s popular.

The Conscious Parent Blog
Interview with Dr. Robert Melillo, Founder of Brain Balance
February 22, 2017

Sandra was honored to interview the founder of Brain Balance, Dr. Robert Melillo. As a clinician, professor, brain researcher and bestselling author, Dr. Robert Melillo has been helping children overcome learning and developmental challenges for over 25 years. His areas of expertise include ADHD, Learning and Behavioral Issues, Processing Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Mom Is In Control
The Connection Between Your Child’s Brain and Their Struggles

February 21, 2017

Sandra had the pleasure to reconnect and interview with the lively Heather Chauvin of “Mom Is In Control” Podcast — a year later from their first conversation. They discussed Sandra’s daughter’s journey with Brain Balance — along with conscious parenting, motherhood and the connection between your child’s brain and their struggles.

Little Sprigs
A Journey Towards Conscious Parenting

April 18, 2016

Sandra had the pleasure to speak with the delightful Christina Perez, of Little Sprigs Podcast, to share around her conscious parenting journey and shifting our thoughts from LACK to ABUNDANCE.

Mom Is In Control
A Mother’s Journey To Understand and Support Her Daughter

April 6, 2016

Sandra had the pleasure to share the space with Heather Chauvin through her “Mom Is In Control” podcast interview — offering an open and honest conversation around conscious parenting teachings / practices. We discussed how Sandra supported her daughter (who was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder) and the greatest investment she made both for herself and her family’s life.

Fractus Learning (Guest Blogger)
How to Create P.E.A.C.E. When Your Child Tantrums …

March 2017

Fractus Learning is a global team of expert educators, leaders, makers and creators working passionately to share the best techniques, tools and toys for meaningful learning. Focused on K-12 students and family learning, our goal is to be the single best place for finding amazing techniques, tools and toys to spark a life full of fascination, curiosity and learning.


Sexy Spirit Mom (Magazine)
The Gift of Conscious Parenting

April 2016

Sexy Spirit Mom is a mind, body, spirit wellness magazine for working moms, stay at home moms, and women who are developing the mother within. In this issue Sandra was intervied about what is conscious parenting in her own words. A must read for all conscious parents.