How Our Children Are Called Down To Us From Heaven

How Our Children Are Called Down To Us From Heaven

How Our Children Are Called Down To Us From Heaven

Today was the first time I heard this incredibly moving song by Garth Brooks. Every fiber in my body, every emotion within my being was touched and felt so deeply. I listened to it about 10 times so far and each time I am welled with tears.

The lyrics depict immense truth and on how our children are called down to us from heaven and how we are chosen to be their parents (even though this song specifically speaks about being a ‘mom’). And as we receive the gift of their presence from God (or however you choose to believe) to nurture, care, love and teach them how to navigate on this earth, our children are the true teachers in which we learn from every day. They show us through their purest essence how heaven on earth should be.

They arrive whole, abundant and innocent.

They are authentic and untethered.

They are uninhabited with their emotions, thoughts and feelings.

They do not judge.

They give so freely.

They laugh so loudly.

They love so unconditionally.

They live in the moment.

They are happy with the simple things.

They speak from their inner truth.

They are vulnerable and courageous.

They play with great imagination.

They are wise and intelligent and love to learn.

They are curious and enlightened.

They believe in magic and dreams.

They take risks, fall and get back up again.

They are pushing the limits and reaching their fullest potential.

And at the end of the day, when we have been disconnected from ourselves and our lives and when we have been pushed beyond our means and are feeling really triggered by the chaos in our own lives, our children only want us …

To connect with them on their level and through loving words.

To protect and guide them.

To understand them and have compassion.

To create safe boundaries and containers when they feel out of control.

To be happy.

To disconnect from technology (and the doing).

To (really) listen with an open heart.

To ask how they are feeling.

To accept them for who they are.

To help empower their right to their voice and a choice in their life.

To not compare them to anyone else.

To slow down and quit saying “hurry up”.

To not project our mess / unmet needs onto them.

To not hold the burden of our expectations.

To deal with our own frustrations, anger and lack and not take it out on them.

To accept our own responsibilities in life and stop putting the blame or guilt on them through excuses.

To help keep them in touch with their essence and authenticity at all times.


The Universe is entrusting us to care for these beautiful beings (accepting them as they are) and it is up to us to listen to the messages and lessons they bring with them. May this song deepen your spiritual connection with yourself and child as it has for me.

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