#ENDSHAME Movement Video #1

#ENDSHAME Movement Video #1

#ENDSHAME Movement Video #1

Dearest Conscious Ones,

I am asking for your support to END THE SHAME OF KIDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent, has started an #ENDSHAME Movement that I fully embrace and trust you will too. I invite you to join the thousands who have already begun spreading the word.

Here is a very powerful and moving video message from Dr. Shefali herself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnZAINyxPOw – I hope you are inspired to share this message and change the way our children are treated on social media. It is imperative that every parent and every social media user hears this message.

Thank you for helping to be a steward in changing the world for our children. Please SPREAD THE WORD through all your social media efforts – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram! 
With deep gratitude, Sandra 🙂

In this video, Dr. Shefali addresses the AS-IS of how shame (but public and private) is toxic and is the VOICE for ALL CHILDREN who have been embarrassed, humiliated and broken down by their own parent’s doing. It is never easy to see any kind of pain happening to any one, any animal – let alone a child. The depths of pain goes so much further below what we ever see on the surface level and images only portray one aspect of what is really going on behind the scenes. I believe that sharing these photos (as they are out there publicly on the Internet) – actually gives these children a voice that they haven’t been able to articulate for themselves. Up until now, these types of images have been floating around with a negative energy. The news / media does it every day and yet there is seldom ever a positive message with the news images we see. But with Dr. Shefali’s powerful, compassionate and truthful message throughout the video, she is brave enough to stand up, speak honestly and advocate for these children. She is deeply addressing a calling and shedding light on the sadness surrounding ALL shaming – where it has been ignored for too long.

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