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As we know, parenting in and of itself presents its own struggles yet when we are to guide a child who has “more needs” (e.g. physical, emotional/social, developmental, behavioral) and help them integrate into the world before us, the journey into consciousnesses requires an even deeper self-awakening so we can rise to meet the needs of the child before us.

Sandra knows first-hand the vast emotions, fears, exhaustion, and feelings of helplessness and loneliness that come with meeting the highly demanding needs of these incredibly bright and sensitive beings. It has been through the discovery of Sandra’s own (now 7-years old) daughter’s giftedness traits (high functionality, sensory processing disorder, anxieties, social/emotional developmental delays) that she knows just how important it is that parent(s) “show up” ever more abundantly and presently to support their children’s needs. She holds only the deepest compassion and empathy in the coaching process as she helps her clients see that it all starts first with looking inwardly and accepting oneself so one can truly accept the child before them.

Sandra also has been a strong advocate / voice for many parents struggling on this same path (as well as within her daughter’s school) to help others better understand that it “take an empathic, educated and empowering village” to support not only all children yet those who require more of our attention, compassion, patience and belief in them. Through her writings, video blogs, vulnerable experiences, insights / research, Sandra’s tireless passion overflows to guiding other families traversing this challenging parental path so they can usher their children from a place of true presence (emotionally and spiritually) and inner strength.

See Sandra’s inspirational and moving declaration regarding the Brain Balance® Program. View it here: SANDRA’S TESTIMONIAL

Needs / Areas Of Child Struggles:

Attunement and Acceptance of Child’s Needs
Developing Compassion and Empathy Within Your Family
Becoming Your Child’s Advocate
Setting Conditions To Help Your Child Thrive
Connection To Your Own Inner Fears
Understanding What Is Happening In The Brain
Brain Balance® Program Parent Support
Resource Recommendations
Building Awareness In Your Child’s School

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