On Being Happy And Healthy From A Teen’s Perspective

On Being Happy And Healthy From A Teen’s Perspective

On Being Happy And Healthy From A Teen’s Perspective

This is a remarkable 11-minute video presentation from a 13-year old who spoke at TEDx University of Nevada last year on how (through his parents’ decision to pull him from the traditional education system) and instead do homeschooling brought his vision for education to life in a very non-traditional approach. And while the decision on schooling is different for each parent / child relationship, it is evident for this young man it has created the space to further enrich his perspective for his life and how he wants to “BE” versus what he wants to “DO” when he grows up – with being happy and healthy as his two goals and educating adults / others that a child’s vision of happy and healthy are more often different interpretations from that of what society has deemed so.

The essence of this video for me has more to do with how he is connected to his inner-knowing at such a young age and is aligning his self-truth with an open mindset that is ultimately going to enrich and manifest his being / calling as he was meant to be. And when we are able to tap into this inner knowing it is so powerful and liberating.

Another lesson from his presentation for me is seeing first-hand how our children know more than we sometimes give them credit for and when we really know who our children are (accepting them fully) they are able to reach their highest potential. When we work WITH our children from a conscious parent approach vs. the traditional parental hierarchy (we are greater than they are), our children remind and show us how tapping into our collective essence invites mutual self growth.

Our children dream, they believe, they dare and they fly. They are fearless and free spirited. To be a conscious parent really requires us to tune in and know who our children are, hear what they have to say, allow them to BE in their “as-is” form, support them and encourage their limitless imagination…all while creating a safe, loving, respectful environment with necessary boundaries along the way.

I know no doubt Logan will continue on his path and flourish – changing the world for the better. Each of our children are fully capable and have all within themselves to change the world for the better with him. As Dr. Shefali Tsabary shares “all we have to do is yield to the ever-shifting adventure of parenthood, our children will lead the way.”

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