Befriending Our Breath – Life’s Most Precious Commodity

Befriending Our Breath – Life’s Most Precious Commodity

Befriending Our Breath – Life’s Most Precious Commodity

Right now, my inner being is called to take a deep breath. While I do not do it often enough, and have taken it for granted more times than not, I am reminded through each breath to stop, center and release so I can attune to life’s most precious commodity.

Through our inhale and exhale we are creating space and room to breathe in life. We are honoring the most precious commodity to our existence and saying “you matter to me”. Yet in the rush of life, in the throes of chaos and busy mindedness we neglect this fragile gift. We exasperate it further by adding layers of worry, anxiety, fear and depression. We rob the essence of our breath and neglect it unconsciously.

As we befriend our deep breath – which is a vital tool and inner instrument to our ever-evolving journey to consciousness – we also befriend the wave of emotions within that are needing our attention, our nurturing and self-compassion. It gives us space to ask: “how am I feeling in this moment,” “what part of my being did I disconnect from today that needs my attention most”, “where am I going, going, going that I am called to reconnect to my being and not my doing,” or “how is my breath serving as a reminder for me to pause, take in the gift of life and surrender to what I cannot control?”

A deep breath for me is one that gives permission in recognizing where I am in the present moment, how I am feeling, what thoughts are going on in my head, any levels of anxiety within and my overall energetic vibration. Basically how am I showing up in this moment and where my attention needs to be focused. What space is being occupied by lacking thoughts and where instead do I need to re-shift my internal compass to navigate me into more abundance.

How are you honoring your breath on a day-to-day basis?


  • Erin Taylor
    July 15, 2015 3:10 pm 0Likes

    Deep breath….so easy and so helpful. Great reminder, Sandra!

  • Sandra Fazio
    July 17, 2015 4:23 am 0Likes

    XO, Erin 🙂

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